Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I to old to learn karate?

No, you are never too old to start learning karate.  Regular training will increase your flexibility and co-ordination and grading is based on spirit, attitude and whether you can perform  each move correctly, rather than how high you can kick or how fast you can move.

  • What do I need to wear?

We train in a white outfit, known as a gi, but training is done bare foot, so you will not need any special footwear.  When we spar, we wear mitts.

  • Where can I get the kit?

You can purchase all the necessary clothing from Sensei when you decide to join our club.

  • I’ve never done any exercise before.  Will I be able to train?

Yes, of course you will – it’s never too late to start.  Beginners do not need to be super fit, and as you progress, your fitness will build up.


  • Will it hurt?

Not much!  All our training is done on a “semi contact” basis.  Punches should stop just short of actually hitting your opponent and be nothing more that a light tap or touch. We always wear mitts when sparring to make sure no one gets hurt. Accidents can happen, as in any activity, but this is exceptional.  If you are not used to physical activity, you may feel some muscle aches after you first few sessions but that will quickly pass.

  • How long will it take to reach Black Belt?

That depends entirely on you, how much you train, how hard you work, how much you practice. Commitment, dedication and hard work is the key.

  • How much does it cost?

Karate is a relatively inexpensive sport.  When you first join after a few weeks, you will need to purchase a gi (approx £20), a club badge (£6)  and also get a licence. Licence costs are currently £25 per year. Grading currently costs £25 for the coloured belts. 

School session discounts apply to children who attend the school where the club is running, to any other children attending, the fees listed below apply.

Per class fees are currently £7.50 per session.

Or a Monthly fee for One Day a week is £25

Two or more family members £22 Monthly per person

Two or more days training £40 Monthly

Let Sensei Know if you have Holiday and cost will be adjusted

  • Can I transfer from another club/style? Will I keep my grade?

Yes. You will keep your current grade provided you can show the certificates for it. Further grading will take place when your instructor thinks you are ready and have adapted to any changes in style etc.

  • How do I start?

Come along at the start of any Monday session (19.00hrs) and have a go.  You don’t need any special kit for the first few weeks, just wear shorts, trackies or any comfortable clothing you can move easily in, and you’ll be fine.  Bring a drink and you’re all set to have a go!